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"A True Sumba"

a collaboration lookbook project between
L'Mira Ethnique feat. Hijup & Laiqa Magazine
There is always something curious about the East: The Mystical land, exotic beauties, their norm & believe, and everything.
We will take you to unveil the enigmatic Sumba, Along with their alluring traditional piece of art

Location: Rindi Village, East Sumba,
that clearly inspired us to give the name
of this cardi as a
"Rindi Cardi"*

Sumba Island is a beautiful hidden paradise that lies on the southern part between Sumbawa and Flores in East Nusa Tenggara archipelago. It has wonderful culture that enriched with a sense of ancient heritage. Such as megalithic tomb, iconic grass house and traditional ikat handwoven, just like what we can see on this "Kombu Vest*.*

In general, there are 2 main technique of Sumba Traditional Handwoven. First, "Hinggi". It is an Ikat traditional textile from East Sumba, which basically wore by a man, while the ladies wear Lau Pahikung.

In Sumba, Hinggi divided on 2 things: Kombu (Red Hinggi) & Kaworu (Blue Hinggi). Making process of Hinggi will take 5months up to 2years. But nowadays, there are replica of Hinggi Traditional Handwoven, that made in Jepara, Central Java. But "how-to-identify-it", just wait for our book project ;) And now, we present you this , Hinggi Overall**which enriched with Kambera Necklace**

Beside Hinggi, there is a "Pahikung": A supplementary warp technique in textile-making, like "Songket" at Sumatra, or "Sotis" at Timor.

We want to share the beauty of Pahikung to you, by thisWairinding Longvest*, that look so stunning with thatKodi Skirt**. And this pict, taken in front of Uma Mbatangu, a Sumba traditional grass house.

And this one, is called "Wutikau": A high technique of textile-making originally from East Sumba, which stitched some special shells and beads over the Pahikung or "Pahudu" traditional handwoven. Just like what we can see on this look: Pahudu Wide Dress and Anatawu Abaya Longcoat. This pict, was taken with the locals at Rindi Village. And we feel so blessed for having this moment. Thank You Rindi, Such an Honour to Meet You All. With All of our respect to all traditional weavers in Indonesia, especially Sumba. Salute!

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