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L'Mira Ethnique

The Legend of The Bugis Ancestor Twins: We Opu Sengngeng & We Adiluwuq

Inspired by:
Yang Tersisa dari Mutiara Tompoq Tikkaq

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Once upon a time

there was twins named We Opu Sengngeng & We Adiluwuq. They lived in the jungle after they were abandoned by their own uncle from the Tompoq Tikkaq Kingdom right after their parents, the king & queen, passed away.

One day, someone named Batara Lattuq (a prince from Luwu Kingdom) who was in a journey of "finding love" found them sympathically.

Knowing that

they were the right decension of the throne, Batara Lattuq helped them to get back to the Kingdom & fight back their right at Tompoq Tikkaq.
After they won the battle, Batara Lattuq proposed We Opu, which he had a special feeling for. He believed that she was such a gift from God.

It had been the rule that

if a prince wanted to propose a princess from another kingdom, the princess had to prove that she was a real princess. To prove that, We Opu therefore had to bleed a little. If her blood was white, then she was a real heir of the God. But the issue was, Batara Lattuq didn't want to hurt We Opu.

However, when We Opu was about to pin herself to shed some blood, We Adiluwuq suddenly grabbed the needle & pinned her own finger. We Adiluwuq sacrificed herself because she also didn't want We Opu to be hurted.

And yess, it was proven! Her blood is white. Because they were twins, if We Adiluwuq was a real princess, so was We Opu. Confirmed.


We Opu didn't want to go to Luwu Kingdom, separated with her twin. She wanted to cancel the wedding. She's very sad if she had to leave her sister.
But We Adiluwuq ensured We Opu that everything would gonna be okay. They promised each other, if their children were grown up, they would match their children.


We Opu became a queen of Luwu Kingdom. And not a long time after that, We Adiluwuq also found her love then she became the Queen of Tompoq Tikkaq. They both lived happily ever after in their respective kingdom.

And yes, they are the ancestor twins of Bugis tribe who dwell the southern part of Sulawesi nowadays.

L'Mira Ethnique


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