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The Legend of The Bugis Ancestor Twins: We Opu Sengngeng & We Adiluwuq

Inspired by:
Yang Tersisa dari Mutiara Tompoq Tikkaq

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Once upon a time

there was a king who loved to hunt in the jungle. Until one day, he found someone laying on the ground, unconscious.
When he got closer, he then amazed with what he saw: The most beautiful girl that he had ever seen!

She was very pure & flawless, with some morning dew on her face. So beautiful!

Since the king had not had a child yet, he brought that girl to his castle and gave her a name, "Feto Kamun" (Dew Princess).

At the kingdom,

Feto Kamun grew up healthy, lovely, and more beautiful day by day. Everybody loved her!.

But then,

the Queen's love to the girl turned to jealousy. More and more. The Queen did try to omit her from the castle a few times, but had never been successful. Until one day, "The Undercover Queen" successfully poisoned her.

When the King thought that Feto Kamun had already passed away, he buried Feto Kamun with the tons of sadness.

Feto Kamun's "dead body"

We Opu didn't want to go to Luwu Kingdom, separated with her twin. She wanted to cancel was laid in the graveyard. Days past. And one day, she woke up and realized what happened before.

She went back to the castle.

The old King & Queen were surprised to see her and hugged her immediately.
The Queen admitted her wrongdoing then asked for Feto Kamun's forgiveness.
Not long after that, the King & Queen passed away.
As their request before, Feto Kamun replaced them to become a Queen of the Kingdom. Everybody was happy, people loved their Queen.
Feto Kamun governed the Kingdom very well, full of wealth & glory.

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