L'Mira Ethnique

The Ultimate Ulos

Inspired by:
The Legend of Toba Lake

Once upon a time

there was a farmer lived with his family in a remote place up north of Sumatra Island.
One day, in a such sunny morning, the farmer went fishing into the river expect to catch a lot of fishes.
After waiting quite a while, not a single fish even touched his fishing bait.
When he almost gave up, suddenly a big beautiful fish appeared infront of him and surprised him.

This sudden surprise

had given him a big shock which turned out the beautiful fish into a beautiful young woman.
What a big day for the farmer.
His expectation earlier to get a lot of fishes had been paid off by the appearance a stunning beatiful fish-girl which made him falling in love and bravely decided to propose her to his wife.

The fish-girl agreed with one request, asking the farmer to promise not ever say anything about

"her fish transformation to anybody else."

The farmer agreed

upon it and later they got married and lived happily.

As a family,

they were really happy and loving each other. The fish-girl had became a normal woman, got pregnant, delivered a baby, as well as being an helpful wife working with his husband in the rice field.

Their son grew up healthy,
but little bit lazy.

But this did not make the farmer & his wife dissapointed but even loved him more and patiently looked after him.
Until one day, limitless patience was over when farmer requested his son to bring him the food into the rice field where his parent working, but could not perform the task due to his slackness.
The farmer became angry and said, "You're so pity boy, a helpless kid.. Such a fish-child!"
The farmer had forgot his promise to his wife.
Knowing the promised was broken, the fish-girl was so sad.
She loved her husband & son, but she cant refused the curse.
She had to back to became a fish.

The fish girl was really had to leave.

She had to be back to the river and returned to be a fish.
The farmer was sad and regretted what he has done.
He held his wife, pulled his wife's shawl. It was so hard to let her go.
Suddenly, the farmer's village and the surrounding villages submerged.
Water overflowed very high and wide, until became a lake.
And now, the lake was eventually known as a Toba Lake.
Meanwhile, a small island in the middle, Known as a Samosir Island.

L'Mira Ethnique


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